Where to learn to surf in Fuerteventura?

The north of the island of Fuerteventura is a privileged climatic environment. With temperatures between 12° and 18°C in the cold months and between 19° and 25°C in the warm months, it offers us a spectacular setting to rest, disconnect and recharge our batteries, especially if we come from a stressful place like a big city.

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It is this temperate to warm climate that gives our natural paradise the attraction that makes more than a million tourists visit us annually. And it’s not just its weather. It is also its impressive Martian landscapes. Its volcanic rock beaches, white sands and crystalline and turquoise waters…

Entubadera, one of our favorite surf-spots.
Entubadera, one of our favorite surf-spots.

Privileged place to learn to surf

For this and much more, the north of the island is chosen by many people to learn to surf. Because, in addition, its location is also exceptional due to the conditions that being exposed to what happens around the Azores anticyclone offers us.

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One of the biggest advantages of being on this long island is that, from the northeast to the northwest, everything is close (less than half an hour by car). This allows us to select the best beaches to teach surfing. If the waves are very strong from the west, we go east. If, on the other hand, there are no waves in the east, we can move north or west.

The forecasts in the surf

All this based, obviously, on our experience and background. In knowing how to interpret the forecasts that indicate the weather and the foreseeable state of the tide depending on the lunar phase.

Where to learn to surf in Fuerteventura
Windguru forecast screen. Believe it or not, all those colors and arrows have a meaning.

Choosing the place to learn to surf in the north of the island has a lot to do with science and previous knowledge. Each surf-spot, each beach, is a unique location with its advantages and disadvantages. That is why at Poseidon Surf Academy we take the choice of the beach very seriously. Especially for beginners (and much more if there are children) choosing a site with small waves will make it easier for us to learn and we will enjoy the experience much more.

Common mistakes of people who have surfed before

Visitors who have surfed before often come looking (mistakenly) for big waves. The misconception is thinking that, as we have surfed before, we have to look for big waves. You always, always have to look for good waves, and they don’t necessarily have to be big.

It is better to learn with good waves, and not with big waves.
It is better to learn with good waves, and not with big waves.

These types of errors, which are very common when learning to surf, can only be corrected through good teaching and good explanations. Let’s remember that the sea is a strict governess and, not respecting it properly, can lead to a scare. Having a well-trained instructor dedicated to the students can be the differential factor so that this scare does not go further.

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So don’t hesitate. Whether you already know something about surfing or if you have never surfed in your life, do not miss the opportunity to visit us. To enjoy our spectacular gastronomy, our beaches, active and sports tourism. Remember that we are not only going to take you surfing; We will answer your questions with our most honest criteria. Because we want (and we know you will) to come back.