What to do in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is an island located in the Canary archipelago and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. In addition to its dream beaches and warm climate, the island offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy during your vacation. This time we are going to talk about some activities that you cannot miss in Fuerteventura.

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If you are looking for an exciting activity to do in Fuerteventura, the Poseidon Surf Academy is definitely an option to consider. The school has experienced instructors and offers lessons for surfers of all levels, from beginner to advanced. The instructors make sure that the students feel comfortable and safe in the water, while they learn the techniques and skills necessary to surf the waves of Fuerteventura.

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The surf classes at Poseidon Surf Academy are personalized and adapt to the needs and abilities of each student. In addition, the school offers a wide variety of packages that include lessons, surf equipment, and accommodation, making it an attractive option for those who want to spend part of their vacation learning to surf.

Gastronomic tourism

Another way to enjoy the culture and tradition of Fuerteventura is through its gastronomy.

Is there a more Canarian dish than “las papas arrugás” (wrinkled potatoes)? Imagen by Hans from Pixabay

The island is known for its local cuisine, which is based on fresh and local ingredients, such as fresh fish, goat cheese, “papas arrugás” (wrinkled potatoes), kid, and vegetables. In addition, there is a wide variety of restaurants and bars where you can try the local food and enjoy a relaxing dinner overlooking the ocean.

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Some of the typical dishes that you must try in Fuerteventura include Majorero cheese, which is a goat cheese made on the island, and fresh grilled fish. In addition, there is a wide variety of local wines that perfectly complement the food.

Antigua Salt Flats

The salt flats of Antigua are an essential place to visit in Fuerteventura. They are located in the east of the island, relatively close to the airport and are an important place of salt production. The salt flats are a natural work of art, with an impressive and unique landscape. Visitors can walk through the salt pans and see how salt is produced. Also, there is a small museum on site that explains the history of salt production in Fuerteventura.

Moorish squirrel (Atlantoxerus getulus) from Fuerteventura. Remember, DO NOT FEED THEM!

The site is also an important habitat for migratory birds, making it a perfect spot for bird watching. Around the salt flats you will see lots of squirrels. Despite how pretty and funny they are, it is forbidden to feed them since it is an invasive species that is becoming an uncontrolled pest. Visitors can also buy locally produced salt on site, which makes a great souvenir to take home.


Betancuria, the most beautiful town in Fuerteventura. Photo by Giuseppe Buccola on Unsplash

Betancuria is a small town located in the center of Fuerteventura, and is one of the most historic and interesting places on the island. Founded in the 15th century by the Norman conqueror Jean de Béthencourt, the town was the capital of Fuerteventura for several centuries.

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Betancuria is a perfect place to learn more about the history and culture of the island, with several museums and historical monuments to visit. In addition, the town has a typical architecture of the Canary Islands, with cobbled streets and low white buildings. A visit to Betancuria is a unique opportunity to travel back in time and experience the beauty and authenticity of Fuerteventura.

Ajuy Caves

Another interesting place to visit in Fuerteventura is the Ajuy caves. The organic and soft sculpting of the caves is spectacular. Remember to check with your Poseidon Surf Academy instructor or with a local the best hours to visit the caves, since access is “limited” by the tides and it can be risky to do so if we do not control this factor.