We confess it: we are in love (with surfing)

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is approaching, and we are going to take the opportunity to make a confession, a declaration of love that we cannot keep quiet about.

We are in love!! Yes, as you can hear, deeply in love… with the surf, the sea, the ocean, the beaches and Fuerteventura, with being able to live in paradise and enjoy this deep love every day.

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We are in love
We are in love

They say that falling in love is an emotional state that is characterized by a set of positive sensations that are experienced both mentally and physically. What happens when someone has a strong attraction to another. Do they serve the waves? We think so.

But what is that love?

The characteristics of falling in love would be:

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  • Desire for reciprocity. Strong desire that the other individual is also in love with the person. Clearly, we want the waves to accompany us and give us great moments together, to be able to experience the union of the perfect wave.
  • Fear of rejection. And it is that our hearts break a little, every time you row and row and then you see that the wave does not take you, there is no worse rejection for a surfer, well, yes, falling on your face and losing the wave.
  • Regular thoughts about the other person. Regularly intense thought of the individual with whom one is in love. At this point, we have little to explain, we wake up thinking about waves, we talk about waves, and our last thought before sleeping is about waves, to later dream about waves.
  • Nerves and anxiety. In the presence of the subject, a person in love manifests nerves, racing heart, stuttering. Arriving at the spot and seeing that it is perfect, sometimes even after years your hands shake when you put on the wetsuit, from the emotion of seeing the bath that is coming and that nobody talks to you at that moment, because your voice changes and you can say nonsense things.
  • Attraction to the same tastes that the other person has. Because we cannot forget that what we want we have to take care of, so we are the first to want to preserve the environment in which we move, so that this paradise lasts as long as possible.
  • Complete attention of the person towards the other individual. The main unwritten rule of surfing, when you’re with friends, you can talk, but if a good wave comes, it doesn’t matter the topic of conversation, you turn and paddle, because the waves are our focus of complete and utter love.
A student from Poseidon Surf Academy surfing a wave. And it could be you.
Search your heart and ask yourself if you would not like to be the one in the photo.

So hopelessly and uncontrollably, we have fallen in love and we hope that you fall in love in the same way that we do, so that we can share, not only love, but also great moments together.

We are waiting for you to invoke Poseidon together to the cry of Alebulieeeeeee!!

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