Surfing, much more than riding waves

In a conversation on the beach, getting out of the water, we were discussing the importance of the rules in surfing. It is not that there are strict regulations, but it is based on respect in the water. As we believe that surfing is a sport above all based on respect for our environment, other surfers and ourselves, today we are going to talk about these rules.

Learn the rules

With us, apart from having the surfing experience, seeing the most incredible beaches and being by your side to solve all your doubts, you will know the rules of surfing.

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Knowing them makes your baths safer, both for you and for the other surfers.

Good morning! Good afternoon!

First of all, when you enter a peak where there are people surfing, say hello. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s a simple matter of education, like when you go into any place or see your friends. A timely hello avoids bad looks and favors the positive energy that should never be lacking, in the end what we want is to enjoy the good vibes and the waves.

A group of surfers entering the water with Poseidon Surf Academy
It is important to know how to behave in the water before entering

Know your limitations

Check the waves from outside, choose the peak that best suits your level of surfing and your energy for that day. Not every day is the same: observe, observe and observe what the other surfers are doing in the water and when you are clear about it, enter and enjoy. Listen to the advice of people who know a little more, and if you are uncomfortable or feel that you may be in danger or put others in danger, get out of the water. Nothing happens, because all bathrooms count and this is continuous learning.

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The priority in surfing is something to keep in mind if you want to have a calm and pleasant day of surfing. Wait your turn and respect the priorities, if someone is closer to the peak (where the wave starts to break) and is going to catch the wave, don’t paddle it. If someone is already surfing the wave, do not get in the way or get in the way of their trajectory. You could cause an accident (and in this case the responsibility for the incident would be yours). Wait for your wave, there are always waves for everyone.

A student from Poseidon Surf Academy surfing a wave.
Normally a wave is for a surfer. We can only share waves if there is a lot of distance and we do not compromise our safety and that of the other surfers.

A surfer, even if he is an apprentice, will be able to catch more waves and will have more respect from the rest of the surfers in the spot if he shows the same respect to others.

Decision and respect

When you paddle your wave, do it decisively and if there are a lot of people, let them know by shouting “I’m going”. Turn your paddle into the best wave of the day and enjoy. When you come back, do it without interfering with the waves of other surfers and, if necessary, lean towards the foam (broken part of the wave). Wait your turn when you reach the peak and take a breath.

The environment and other surfers

If you are going to paddle a wave and there is someone in front of you that you can damage, do not paddle and fall on top of it. Let me know and try to help. Communicate with the rest of surfers. At the end we are sharing our moment of happiness of the day.

Above all, respect the environment, do not leave any waste and if you see any plastic or garbage, it does not hurt to pick it up. It helps to keep our environment clean, because we want that beauty to last and if we can return a small part of the moments that it gives us, it is always better.

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Of course (Claro, clarinete)

We hope that it has become a little clearer that surfing is not just going in to catch waves, that our philosophy is based on respect and that we will pour all this knowledge on you in each bath… to the cry of Alebuuuuuuliiieeeeee!!! !

We are waiting for you at the peak.