Other activities

The learning and maintenance of our bodies is not subject to working in the water. There is a wide range of activities related to the world of surfing that can help us improve our technique and accelerate our learning.

If you are interested in these activities, contact us and we will inform you without obligation about schedules, availability and prices.

Poseidon Surf Academy Surfskate classes


Learn to Surfskate from scratch.

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DrySurf ™

The DrySurf system is based on a balance board that simulates the behavior of our surfboard. There is an infinity of exercises that we can do to improve our movements, positioning and behavior on the surfboard. And the best thing is to train dry to generate muscle memory and be more versatile when we go to the water.

La Fresa Hostel - Swimming pool and bbq

IndoBalance / IndoBoard

It consists of a flat table that rests on a tubular structure to generate imbalance. Your objective (at the beginning) will be to maintain your balance. Once you have it under control, we can add movements and imbalance elements to improve your locomotor reaction capacity to compensate for them.

La Fresa Hostel - Swimming pool and bbq


We have a professional physiotherapist to help you in the necessary muscle recovery after the intensity of the sports activities we carry out. Do not stop contacting us to consult schedules and prices.

La Fresa Hostel - Swimming pool and bbq


The practice of Yoga provides us with a general well-being, both mental and physical, working on aspects such as breathing and elasticity that are essential for athletes.