March 8, International Women’s Day (Surfera)

March 8, International Women’s Day, is approaching, and we have decided to give a little more visibility to the female surfer collective. Although for us the fight for equality is worked on every day, from here we want to contribute our grain of sand… never better said.

Surf girls are here

We have to say that, as in all sports, there is more and more participation from the female world and its visibility is gradually equilibrating. In our environment, there are many friends, couples, sisters, even mothers who take their board almost every day, to look for the wave that fills them with energy and magic. The conversations with them flow for hours about where the best conditions will be, winds, tides… and it is that here we are all, all crazy, crazy and crazy about surfing.

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Famous surfers

If you are in contact with the world of surfing or you are still thinking about it, you will realize that these girls are at any peak or on any beach where there are good conditions. Perhaps they started as girls or less girls, because age does not matter to practice our philosophy of life, and surely they will meet the most powerful icons of female surfing. So if you want to investigate a little more and get into their world, here are some references:

Bethany Hamilton coming out of the water in Oceanside, in 2013
Bethany Hamilton coming out of the water at Oceanside in 2013. Photo: Nathan Rupert en Flickr

Bethany Hamilton

Born in 1990, goofy and Hawaiian, with a very powerful life story of resilience and overcoming, we encourage you to search about her life. Will not leave you indifferent. In the movie Soul Surfer (2011) they explain his story and it also has a biographical movie: Unstoppable (2018). Who said fear of sharks?

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Carissa Moore

Born in Hawaii in 1992, regular, 4 times world champion of the World Surf League. Very powerful surf and a strong rival to beat in the championships, full of positive energy that leaves no one indifferent in the competitions. He will participate in the JJ.OO. from Japan under the United States flag and is clearly one of the favorites to compete for medals.

Keala Kennelly

Born in 1978, goofy, Hawaiian and big wave surfer. If you want to know what fear is, look for one of his waves nominated for the Big Wave Adwards. In 2016, she did not win the award for the biggest wave ever surfed, but she did win the award for the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman in Teahupoo (Tahiti), immortalizing her mark on women’s sports.

Laura Revuelta

Born in 1956 in Santander. She is the first Spanish surfer with 2 recognitions in the Somo surf tour. Forerunner of female surfing in Spain and surfing waves for more than 40 years (she started when she was 15).

Laura Revuelta in the walk of the stars of the Surf of Somo, in August 2018
Laura Revuelta in the walk of the stars of the Surf of Somo, in August 2018.

She is no longer active, although, as she rightly says, surfing is a way of life that is never forgotten.

Let’s go look for waves

With this information we hope that you have caught the surfing bug to join our surfing girls and test your skills looking for the best waves. You know, surfing doesn’t understand gender, age or condition. It is never too late to start and it is always a good time to learn.

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We wait for you with salty skin, shouting Alebuuuuuliiieeeeee!!!