June 8: International Day of the Oceans

June 8 is marked on the calendar as International Oceans Day. The United Nations established in 2017 a call to action to care for and conserve them, since they are a source of life and great resources for us humans.

Soft Coral Blast
Tell me you wouldn’t like to lose yourself inside this impressive image. Soft Coral Explosion, photo by Cinzia Osele Bismarck / Ocean Image Bank

The oceans, majestic and vast, are home to unparalleled beauty and biodiversity. They are a source of life, provide vital resources and offer a unique setting for practicing water sports, such as surfing.

However, they face significant threats that require global awareness and concrete actions for their conservation. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of ocean conservation, both in general and specifically for those who enjoy surfing, and how awareness can make a difference in preserving these vital ecosystems.

Pollution: A Silent Enemy

Pollution is one of the most pressing challenges facing the oceans today. The accumulation of plastic waste, chemicals and industrial discharge pollutes marine waters, threatens wildlife and degrades water quality.

Plastics on the beach
Plastics on the beach, a deplorable image with which we have to live daily. Picture of Nico Marin / Ocean Image Bank

For surfers, this translates to litter-covered beaches and an unhealthy environment in which to practice their passion.

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Raising awareness of the seriousness of this situation is essential to promote positive changes in our society. It is necessary to promote sustainable practices, reduce the consumption of single-use plastics and promote education on the importance of keeping our oceans free of pollution. By being mindful of our actions and choosing more responsible alternatives, we can make a difference in conserving the oceans.

The Interconnection with Climate Change

Climate change is another critical threat to the preservation of the oceans and has a direct impact on the experience of surfers. Rising global temperatures and melting glaciers are causing significant changes in wave patterns and sea level. This affects the quality and consistency of the waves, making ideal surfing conditions unpredictable.

In addition, climate change leads to ocean acidification, which negatively affects marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Awareness about climate change and its effects on the oceans is essential to drive collective action.

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We must work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote the use of renewable energy and adapt to inevitable changes. Only through united awareness and action can we preserve optimal surfing conditions and ensure the health and beauty of the oceans.

Responsible Fishing for Marine Sustainability

Overfishing and destructive fishing is another challenge facing the oceans, and therefore surfers. The overexploitation of fish stocks threatens marine biodiversity and unbalances aquatic ecosystems. In addition, practices such as trawling cause irreparable damage to marine habitats and coral reefs, affecting the aesthetics and health of the places where surfers seek the best waves.

Raising awareness of the importance of responsible and sustainable fishing is essential to preserve marine abundance and ensure long-term sustainability. Promoting the adoption of selective fishing methods, supporting the creation of marine protected areas and promoting education on sustainable fishing practices are concrete actions that can make a difference.

Through awareness, surfers and the community in general can contribute to the conservation of the oceans and ensure their wealth and health for future generations.

June 8, key day for Education and Awareness: Keys to Conservation

Education and awareness play a critical role in conserving the oceans. Surfers, in their intimate relationship with the sea, have the opportunity to be ambassadors of marine awareness. Through their example and active participation, they can positively influence society and generate significant changes.

Surfing and loving the sea necessarily go hand in hand. Image of a surfer in California, from Michele Roux / Ocean Image Bank

Participating in beach cleanups, disseminating information about the importance of the oceans and supporting organizations dedicated to marine conservation are concrete actions that surfers can carry out.

Likewise, sharing knowledge and experiences about the fragility of marine ecosystems and the threats they face contributes to generating greater awareness in the surf community and beyond. By working together, united by a common cause, we can create a meaningful impact and preserve the oceans for future generations of surfers.

In conclusion, the conservation of the oceans is essential to ensure a sustainable future and preserve water sports, such as surfing. Raising awareness about the challenges facing the oceans, such as pollution, climate change and overfishing, is key to driving concrete action.

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By promoting sustainable practices, reducing pollution, addressing climate change, and encouraging responsible fishing, we can make a difference in preserving the oceans. Additionally, through education and awareness, we can inspire others to join in this important mission.

Together, surfers and lovers of the sea, we can protect and preserve the oceans for generations to come and ensure that surfing continues to be a passion enjoyed in a healthy and prosperous marine environment.

If you want to know more about this problem and the actions that the UN is carrying out to correct this situation, you can consult the cycle of talks and conferences that will take place under an important event on the occasion of June 8.