Do I need such a big board to learn to surf?

The range of variables involved in surfing is quite large, to the point that someone who starts practicing it surely is not capable of detecting and listing them:

  • Sea conditions (closely related to weather conditions).
  • The student’s personal conditions, both physical and psychological (remember that we all have days when we feel better and days when we don’t feel so well).
  • The attention of the surf instructor (there are not a few cases in which the instructor spends the class surfing waves and showing off, neglecting his students).
  • The number of people on the beach during the session.
  • The neoprene (and the booties, when necessary).
  • The board.

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There are many occasions when a student exclaims at you “That table?! So big?!”. Obviously as instructors that we owe to our profession (and passion) we must give an answer to all the doubts and curiosities that the students raise us. Everyone wants to take their photo with the small board. Not to mention how uncomfortable it can sometimes be to transport it from the van to the beach.

The “table” factor

The board is one of the most determining elements when we are learning to surf. A bad choice of board ends up leading to frustrating surf sessions. It can be seen every day on many beaches where surfers get into small boards when the sea conditions and the surfer’s own are not suitable for that type of board.

It doesn’t just happen in surfing. It is human condition. We want to know more than we know, to learn in an accelerated way. But the reality is that each individual learns at their own pace and in the case of surfing, in which there are so many factors involved, learning can be slower.

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How do we choose the table?

At surf schools in general and at Poseidon Surf Academy in particular we are aware of these difficulties and that is why we try to minimize the factors that can hinder your learning. The size of the table (its dimensions and therefore its volume) is closely related to the height and weight of the student. If the student is not very skilled, this factor can also be a determining factor in the choice of the table.

A board of the right size and a committed instructor are a guarantee of success.

That’s why we choose bigger boards for people who want to learn: the bigger the board, the more stable the board and, therefore, the easier it is to learn to stand up. In this way the session becomes more practical, fruitful and fun. And the more we have fun, the more we want to learn… and the more we learn, the more we have fun. It is a fish that bites its tail for good.

Good board choice: good experience and good learning

Welcome are all the elements that make us enjoy the surf sessions with quality and safety. That is why we are going to choose a board of good dimensions to make sure that you learn and that you enjoy it. If we add to this that we will go to the beach at times when we estimate that it will not be crowded (which can be annoying when we do not have so much control over the board and the waves), the result is almost guaranteed: we will make you smile like you’ve never done before.

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