«Chacho/a, hase pelete»

Hello, water and wave lovers!!!

How is your week going? A little bit cool, isn’t it?

We have also had some of what you call winter in the peninsula. The first storms of the year have not been long in coming and have frightened even the most prepared thermometers.

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But we are going to tell you one thing: what you felt there is not the same as what we have had here. Sorry, it had to be said. The Canarian winter is one of the good things about living in Fuerteventura. When your thermometers are at -2°, remember that here we are close to 19°, and yes… for us that’s pelete (Canarian term to describe the coolness). We put on our little rebequita, our beanie so that our ideas don’t freeze, we take off our cholas and take out our long wetsuits to look for the best waves without getting cold and enjoy the 20-degree water. In addition, the days here are a little longer so we have more time to enjoy our favorite way of life in paradise.

It doesn’t sound bad at all, so why not find a flight and come and enjoy it with us?

Surfer high fives with Poseidon Surf Academy instructor
We are here to teach you how to surf and raise your smile to unsuspected limits…

Not to put pressure but we have gossiped a bit and we know that there are some good offers in these dates… Do you dare to change the blanket, the sofa and the popcorn for a sunset surfing a perfect wave and a little bit of salt on your skin? And not only that, you will also enjoy the company of people who will share that passion and those concerns that you have in your head and who will solve each of your doubts and questions. I think it’s one of the best plans for the winter, physically and mentally, and it’s another energy that hooks you: you won’t forget it for sure.

It is also at this time when we enjoy the best conditions; there is usually less wind and the swell is loaded with swell, which allows us to have more consistent waves.

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Surfing is neither easy nor difficult

Remember: surfing is neither easy nor difficult. It only requires learning and dedication. We know it and we know how to teach it to you so you can learn it, enjoy it and live it. We will find the best conditions to teach you in a safe environment and we will bring out your best smile. If you haven’t surfed yet, you won’t be able to imagine how far you can go.

Surfing a wave at Entubadera, near Corralejo (Fuerteventura)
☝ This one in the photo could be you….

If you are still not convinced I invite you to take a look at our website and see the options we have. We are sure you will find the one that best suits you and if not, you can always contact us. Feel free to write us and ask your questions.

We are waiting for you to invoke Poseidon together to the cry of Alebulieeeeeeeee!!!….

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